Monday, September 18, 2017

New Mysterious Grounds!

With our summer shows behind us, we're slipping into our Fall schedule with little fanfare. EXCEPT for the fact we are FINALLY doing a show out on 30A!!  We'll be at Redd's Fueling Station Saturday night, September 23, and it's our very first public show out that way!  Excited to bring our one-of-a-kind humor to those folks.

That said, our web guru forgot to add Redd's to our pulldown list for reservations.  I chastised her (ME, I'M the web guru) and fixed the code tonight, but like my old friend Julie Shaw always said, "DAAAAAANG!" What a way to mess up.  :(

At any rate, IF the show goes on, we'll be performing A MEDLEY TO DIE FOR.  Hoping anyone reading this who lives out in the 30A area will make reservations this week (it's working now, I promise!).  Details are on our website ( and our Facebook page (

Hope to see you there!  -- Paula

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